Product Care

General Upholstery Care

Brush and vacuum at least once a month. Seat and back cushions should be flipped, rotated, and fluffed regularly. Fabric pilling is NORMAL. Pilling will decrease once the loose fibers are removed. We recommend doing this with a fabric shaver. If applying a fabric protector, test in a small, inconspicuous area before treating the entire product. Follow the recommended cleaning code for your piece.

Washing Instructions

Do not overload the washer. Close all zippers to prolong seam life. Wash the entire slipcover for uniform results. Machine wash with cold water and clear, mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Air dry and recover your piece while the slipcover is still damp.

Upholstered Cleaning

S: Upholstery dry cleaning solvent

W: Water based shampoo/upholstery cleaner

WS: Water based shampoo, upholstery cleaner, or dry cleaning solvents

Leather Cleaning

Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove debris. Use a lightly (distilled water) damped microfiber cloth for a deeper clean.

Slipcover Cleaning

PF-A: Machine wash with bleach. Cannot be dry cleaned.

PF-B: Machine wash. Do not use bleach.

PF-C: Machine wash. Do not use bleach.

D: Dry-clean only.

Case-good Cleaning

Do not use any abrasive material. Use either a dry cloth or lightly saturated with soap and water.

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